Cold metal stitching &   locking


  Thermal spraying


  Composite materials


  Welding and applications


Repair and maintainence specialists:


»  Cracks & broken Cast Iron parts - cold, mechanical      welding – Cold metal stitching & locking:

       Naval and Marine

       Cylinder heads & Motor blocks – working and          transportation machines, trucks, compressors

       Reductor and Pump Casings

       Valves and Big Pipe Line parts

       Machine bodies (Mixers, Brents, Gatters etc)

»  Repair Welding specialists for:

       Steel & ferro group

       Aluminium, Bronze, Cuprum, etc

»  Thermal Spraying – solutions advantage

»  Application of Composite Materials – time and      money save advantage

GUARANTIES on all Services

On site – In situ services & Responding according to request and circumstances:


       Crack Repair services


       Reliable solutions

       Experience on site

       Working in time limits






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